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Letter to the public.

This video is to inform all Targeted Individuals what to look forward to, and for the perpetrators of the crime that think they will get away with this forever. 

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Clinton Whistleblower Larry Nichols

Larry explains old school targeting tactics.  He explains procedures of targeting that he personally took part in for the Clinton family.  These tactics with new technology make up the current Stasi like program taking place around the world currently.  


28 year NSA veteran Karen Melton Stewart on gangstalking, tactics of the government, Trump, military tribunals, and much more.


Dr Katherine Horton Oxford PHD on fighting the targeting programs in court

11-17-17. My first video documenting targeting

The stalking and harassment increased after posting this video.

Requesting help from Avondale Police and getting laughed at.

This video was uploaded on 12-12-17.  I was set up and arrested for aggravated assault with a firearm Three weeks later on 1-4-18.  The plaintiff in the case just happens to be a former police officer.

1-4-18. 11 officers with no body camera footage?

When I was arrested I told these officers that I was being stalked and harassed.  They laughed at me and gaslit me.  Then, Officer Miranda read me my Miranda rights.  

Michael Barden. Documenting tactics of stalking

This is one of the most viewed videos on gang stalking.  This is a small part of what a Targeted Individual deals with on a daily basis.  

First interview with Jason Goodman on Crowdsource The Truth

I only cover a very small portion of what goes on in a Targeted Individuals life here.  It was a great opportunity to help get the word out for other victims of targeting.

Whistleblower Hero's with Ella Free

Now that I have learned a lot of the tactics and procedures of this targeting program, I am being invited to talk shows like this one.  Please take the time to listen to this interview and others on this channel.  Thank You.

Interview with former CIA agent Kevin Shipp

Please visit Crowdsource The Truth on to view this full interview.

Youtube channels you should visit

Michael Barden Youtube Former Air Force Fire Fighter and Journalist


This is my original Youtube page.  I never knew I would have to use it to fight organized stalking and harassment, but thankfully I did.  I realized I was a Targeted Individual and started documenting in Nov, 2017.

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Whistleblower Hero's with Ella Free


Ella Free is a  Targeted Individual activist and journalist that has interviewed many TI's and Whistleblowers on her own show, Whistleblower Hero's, and Revolution Radio.  She has interviewed me twice on different shows. 

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Crowdsource The Truth with Jason Goodman


Jason Goodman is a groundbreaking journalist exposing corruption by "Crowdsourcing" the truth.  He interviews a wide variety of guests that include CIA, FBI, NSA, and other intel community whistleblowers. I am a reoccurring guest on this show.  

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Members of the 144th Fighter Wing being retaliated against

This was the straw that broke the Camel's back.  Much more than this went on at this base.  I worked here for almost 15 years.  

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Are you a targeted individual, or are you trying to help stop targeting?

I want to hear your story.  So does the rest of the world.  Let's make that happen. 

The Barred In Report

Documents to research and hand out

These are various flyers that will help educate the public about organized stalking and harassment.  

DHS Scam and Human Trafficking (docx)


Karen Melton Stewart NSA. DHS Scam (docx)


Governors of Gangstalking by Richard Lighthouse NASA (pdf)


Hand out Letter to neighbors by Michael Barden. Use this as a template for your own letter. (pdf)


The most important video in the world.

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Your support and contributions will enable me to continue researching and providing information needed to regain the freedoms we have already lost.  I am not a charity.  You are voluntarily paying to help the channel grow and survive.  Thank you.

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